J.J. Cale - Really (1972)

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J.J. Cale - Really (1972)

J.J. Cale - Really (1972)
Genre: Blues rock | Time: 31:05 | MP3 192 Kbps | ~44 Mb

Cale's guitar work manages to be both understated and intense here. The same is true of his seemingly offhand singing, which finds him drawling lines like "You get your gun, I'll get mine" with disarming casualness. But he has trouble coming up with original material as strong as that on his debut, and for some, his approach will be too casual; there are many times, when the band is percolating along and Cale is muttering into the microphone, that the music seems to be all background and no foreground. You may find yourself waiting for a payoff that never comes.
Review by William Ruhlmann, AMG


J.J. Cale - Really (1972)

01. Lies
02. Everything Will Be Alright
03. I'll Kiss The World Goodbye
04. Changes
05. Right Down Here
06. If You're Ever In Oklahoma
07. Ridin' Home
08. Going Down
09. Soulin'
10. Playing In The Street
11. Mo Jo
12. Louisiana Women



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