John Lennon - Your Daddy's Here

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John Lennon - Your Daddy's Here

John Lennon - Your Daddy's Here
CDR | EAC | FLAC + COVERS | WINRAR | 100MB x 3 + 68MB x 1
Outstanding collection of elaborate home demos produced by John Lennon while staying in Bermuda which were the seeds of this last two albums

Publisher: Geritol Records
Reference :DPRO-79972
Total duration: 69:21

1.Living On Borrowed Time (Lennon) 4:54
2.Watching The Wheels (Lennon) 3:01
3.Real Love (Lennon) 2:41
4.Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy) (Lennon) 4:10
5.Serve Yourself (Lennon) 3:51
6.I Don't Want To Face It (Lennon) 2:05
7.I Don't Want To Face It (Lennon) 2:53
8.I'm Losing You (Lennon) 2:58
9.I'm Stepping Out (Lennon) 4:48
10.Watching The Wheels (Lennon) 0:32
11.Watching The Wheels (Lennon) 4:20
12.Watching The Wheels (Lennon 4:40
13.Watching The Wheels (Lennon) 7:32
14.Watching The Wheels (Lennon) 2:43
15.Watching The Wheels (Lennon) 1:04
16.Watching The Wheels (Lennon) 2:21
17.Watching The Wheels (Lennon) 0:28
18.Watching The Wheels (Lennon) 4:15
19.Watching The Wheels (Lennon) 3:13
20.Don't Be Afraid (Lennon) 2:43
21.Woman (Lennon) 4:05
22.This One's Probably (unknown) 0:04

There is something about this demos that I absolutely ADORE. This is a very hard to find boot (or so I was told… he he he he) that features the best selections of tape recordings John Lennon produced while staying in Bermuda to serve as guides when we was back in NYC ready to record Double Fantasy.

The progress and level of detail that these recordings show astonishes me every time I listen to them and, in a way, inspired me to make my own recordings (I am an amateur musician and mostly write to myself and for my girlfriend). Just try to imagine John purchasing two mics, a Panasonic and Sony boom boxes, some cables and stands, and voila! He had a make shift studio at his villa to record everything he could write there. These boot has some of the most significant tracks of those tapes and in some cases they represent a RADICALLY different version or a much more soulful and moving take on songs that were to become classics.

This boot might not be for every taste, but if you are a Lennon fan, you HAVE to listen to it. PERIOD.

ENJOY and comment! I'd love to know if you like this one or not, since it's a personal favourite.


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