Jean Michel Jarre - Aero, 2004 Year, DVD + CD

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Jean Michel Jarre - Aero, 2004 Year, DVD + CD

Jean Michel Jarre - Aero, 2004 y., DVD + CD
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Aero is Jean Michel Jarre's first experiment in surround sound as well as being the most respectable "best of" album in 13 years. The album features reworked versions of his golden oldies and three new pieces. The result of the new orchestration is a modern-sounding remix album, rather than a definitive greatest hits.
The album was designed and recorded in multi channel surround-sound and is therefore presented on both a CD and DVD in the same package (including Dolby Digital and DTS tracks allowing playback on a standard DVD video player in 5.1 surround sound). Sound quality is top notch as you'd expect although sometimes the transitional pieces between tracks overdo the surround effects for the sake of demonstrating the technology.

The music itself, as a collection of greatest hits tracks, is a surprising choice, presumably designed for the best 5.1 surround sound. There's no "Revolutions", "Chronologie 4", "Ethnicolor", "Calypso", "Oxygene 8" or "Hey Gagarin", for instance. We are treated to fresh, excellent reworkings of classics: "Oxygene 2", "Equinoxe 3" and "Last Rendez-vous". Aging tracks such as "Oxygene 4", "Chronologie 6", and "Rendez-vous 4" have all been brought up to date. The three new tracks recall Robert Miles and Orbital. They're good but there's a feeling they were left over from previous projects. There are too many synth presets sounding too clinical and lacklustre compared to the high standard of sounds used in Jarre's other studio albums. Moreover, there are finer unreleased tracks that could have been included.

Also included on the DVD is a visual track. A close-up of the actress Anne Parillaud's (Nikita) eyes while she listens to the music for the full 73 minutes in one take is typical of Jarre's subtle, minimalist and "non-MTV" visual style. Aero will appeal to those wanting to test their home cinema equipment and those seeking some of the greatest hits of France's electronica wizard. –Colin Neal

Album Description
As a pioneer of electronic music for over 20 years, Jean Michel Jarre continues to be at the forefront of sound evolution with his forthcoming release Aero – the world's first album fully constructed, note for note, in 5.1 surround sound. Revisiting his greatest hits, together with three new tracks and a series of interlude scenes, the Aero experience is like nothing heard before. Aero places the listener 'inside' the music, rather than outside the flat 'wall' of stereo. By moving from 2 channel (Stereo) to 5.1 channel), it takes the music into a whole new dimension. With this album Jean Michel offers the possibility to listen to his music, including classic tracks such as "Oxygene" and "Equinoxe", in the way that he always imagined sharing it.

Aero is a double CD format, a DVD and CD in one package. The DVD is recorded in 5.1 DTS, Dolby AC3 and PCM 9624 KHz Stereo and the CD is recorded in Super Stereo. There is also an optional visual element on the DVD format, which offers an unusual visual experience. A pair of beautiful eyes, shot in high-definition cinema scope, gazing out at the listener and reacting emotionally to the music… for the entire 75 minutes of the album.

Jean Michel Jarre - Aero, 2004 г., CD

1. Aero Opening (Scene 1)
2. Oxygene 2 (Scene 2)
3. Aero
4. Equinoxe 8 (Band in the rain)
5. Oxygene 4 (Scene 3)
6. Souvenir Of China (Scene 4)
7. Aerology (Scene 5)
8. Equinoxe 3 (Scene 6)
9. Equinoxe 4 (Scene 7)
10. Last Rendez-Vous (Scene 8)
11. Zoolookology (Scene 9)
12. Aerozone (Scene 10)
13. Magnetic Fields 1 (Scene 11)
14. Chronology 6
15. Rendez-Vous 4 (Live Version)

Jean Michel Jarre - Aero, 2004 г., DVD-AUDIO

DTS 5.1
PCM Stereo
Dolby digital

1. Aero Opening
2. Scene 1
3. Oxygene 2
4. Scene 2
5. Aero
6. Equinoxe 8 (Band in the rain)
7. Oxygene 4
8. Scene 3
9. Souvenir Of China
10. Scene 4
11. Aerology
12. Scene 5
13. Equinoxe 3
14. Scene 6
15. Equinoxe 4
16. Scene 7
17. Last Rendez-Vous
18. Scene 8
19. Zoolookology
20. Scene 9
21. Aerozone
22. Scene 10
23. Magnetic Fields 1
24. Scene 11
25. Chronology 6
26. Rendez-Vous 4 (Live Version)


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