Jo O'MEARA - Relentless (2005)

Posted By: galmuchet

Audio CD (October 6, 2005) Label: Sanctuary

The debut album from ex S-Club Seven vocalist Jo O'Meara. Relentless is not so much a pop album, it's an album that's filled with more of an adult contemporary feel. All of the 14 tracks were written by Jo herself.

01. Relentless
02. What Hurts The Most
03. Wish I Was Over You
04. To Ease Your Pain
05. You Didn't Know
06. Never Felt Like This
07. Let's Love
08. Baby I'm A Fool
09. I Believe In You
10. Never Meant To Break Your Heart
11. It's Your Love
12. It Felt Like Love
13. That's Where I'll Belong
14. Rainbow’S End