John Barry - Dances With Wolves OST

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John Barry - Dances With Wolves OST

John Barry - Dances With Wolves OST
MP3 160 Kbps | 1990 | Label: Sony | 53:25 min | 42 MB
Genre: Soundtrack

John Barry's Academy Award-winning score for actor/director Kevin Costner's nouveau western, Dances with Wolves, is nothing short of a modern classic by a film scoring master. Utilizing Wagnerian structure, Barry's three main themes recur in magisterial symphonic form. The memorable "John Dunbar" theme alone has become an almost subconscious part of modern life, utilized as Muzak and underscore for public events great and small. Barry's skills as an arranger color his themes in subtly shifting orchestral hues, giving even the most repeated melodic passages new emotional weight. Barry's rich music is living proof that the art of orchestral film scoring is still alive and surprisingly vital in the '90s.

Won the Academy Award for best film score of 1990.

1. Main Title - Looks Like A Suicide
2. The John Dunbar Theme
3. Journey To Fort Sedgewick
4. Ride To Fort Hays
5. The Death Of Timmons
6. Two Socks - The Wolf Theme
7. Pawnee Attack
8. Kicking Bird's Gift
9. Journey To The Buffalo Killing Ground
10. The Buffalo Hunt
11. Stands With A Fist Remembers
12. The Love Theme
13. The John Dunbar Theme
14. Two Socks At Play
15. The Death Of Cisco
16. Rescue Of Dances With Wolves
17. The Loss Of The Journal And The Return To Winter Camp
18. Farewell And End Title

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