John Barry - You Only Live Twice OST

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John Barry - You Only Live Twice OST

John Barry - You Only Live Twice OST
MP3 160 Kbps | 1967/2003 | Label: Capitol | 72:44 min | 84 MB
Genre: Soundtrack

John Barry's first major deviation in the Bond series is once again fronted by at least two major original themes, and switches from the driving baselines of Goldfinger and Thunderball to the lyrical beauty of Nancy Sinatra's title song. The sound quality of You Only Live Twice is improved in leagues over the original EMI release, and for the first time we can hear such sorely missed cues as Bond's funeral at sea, Bond's all female massage in Ken Adam's stunning set, and the 'Little Nellie' version of the '007' theme. You Only Live Twice is by far the most melodic and deliciously sensuous of the Bond scores and is presented for the first time in its complete state.

1. You Only Live Twice -Title Song (Performed by Nancy Sinatra)
2. Capsule In Space
3. Fight At Kobe Dock - Helga
4. Tanaka's World
5. A Drop In The Ocean
6. The Death Of Aki
7. Mountains And Sunsets
8. The Wedding
9. James Bond - Astronaut?
10. Countdown For Blofeld
11. Bond Averts World War Three
12. You Only Live Twice - End Title (Performed by Nancy Sinatra)
13. James Bond In Japan
14. Aki, Tiger And Osato
15. Little Nellie
16. Soviet Capsule
17. Spectre And Village
18. James Bond - Ninja
19. Twice Is The Only Way To Live

You Only Live Twice OST