John Barry - Moviola

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John Barry - Moviola

John Barry Moviola (Film Score Re-recording Compilation) [SOUNDTRACK]
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While movie music greats John Williams, Jerry Goldsmith, and legendary Bernard Herrmann sometimes “pulled out all the stops” in their respective compositions, Barry, known for his contributions to many of the Bond films, used subtlety to convey the on-screen actions of the movie that his music accompanied. This makes his music so emotional and reflective. One of the highlights is the highly sensual theme from “Body Heat”. This has to be one of the most erotic arrangements of black dots ever written on paper.

01. Out Of Africa
02. Midnight Cowboy
03. Body Heat
04. Somewhere In Time
05. Mary, Queen Of Scots
06. Born Free
07. Dances With Wolves
08. Chaplin
09. The Cotton Club
10. Walkabout
11. Frances
12. We Have All The Time In The World
13. Moviola

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