Jon Lord (& the Hoochie Coochie Men) - Live @ The Basement - 2003

Posted By: akas

After the suggestion by Nagiants39 (for Presidente), here is a fine example of an old keyboard player who, although releasing solo material with a classical flavor all these years, still enjoys a decent blues - rock all-night session with a competent group of Aussies.

Rec. Down/under in 2003, these are MP3s / Lame / CBR / 192 kbps

Sorry. no coverz included, just a tiny thumbn.
Requests for lossless formats will be dealt with mercilessly - I'll send Bully67 to your house & persuade you to buy the real thing if you're expecting ppl to spend a fortnite uploading silly amounts of bytes for you to enjoy through your Uber HiFi that you had to sell 3 cars and 2 yachts to buy. Get real, no APE/FLAC etc, here is 502 land - in the weekends it even upgrades to 504 country. Avax, my man, plz get on with the upgrade... Pllllleeeeeeeeeeease !!!!!

Track list, Disc 1:
1. Intro
2. Hideaway
3. Lonesome Traveller Blues
4. Blues With A Feeling
5. You Got Good Business
6. Green Onions
7. 24/7 Blues
8. Baby Please Don`t Go
9. Money Doesn`t Matter
10. Strange Brew
11. Dallas
12. Just Wanna Make Love To You
13. You Need Love

in 2 parts: 40.57 MB 44.14 MB

Disk 2:

1. Hoochie Coochie Man
2. New Old Lady Blues
3. Who`s Been Talking
4. Six Strings Down
5. Dust My Broom
6. Back At The Chicken Shack
7. When A Blind Man Cries
8. 12 Bar Jam
9. When A Blind Man Cries (Single Edit)

Disc 2 coming up tomorrow in R$, too bad if you can't dl from them, plz don't complain and ask me for mirrors, anybody with a broad(er)band feel free to post mirrors @ whatever cyber shit-hole you can think of, I got no problems with the R$ fascists, as some of you keep calling them lately ;-)

[EDIT] It was a new day yesterday, it's an old day now... Here's Disc 2: 42.16 MB 38.64 MB

Password , thanx & enjoy !!!