Joshua Redman - Spirit of the Moment (Live at the Village Vanguard).

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Joshua Redman - Spirit of the Moment (Live at the Village Vanguard).

Joshua Redman - Spirit of the Moment (Live at the Village Vanguard).
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Along with James Carter, young Joshua Redman has emerged as one of the most charismatic young reed virtuosos of the 1990's. The son of the estimable tenor innovator Dewey Redman, Joshua Redman has already carved out an imposing niche for himself over the course of a few albums. Now, with the release of the double-CD, SPIRIT OF THE MOMENT: LIVE AT THE VILLAGE VANGUARD, Redman appears poised to move up in class. Joshua Redman's popular acclaim is a function of his musical integrity and the power of his presentation. While obviously still making his way through the alluvial soils of the saxophone tradition, this student prince eschews slavish mimicry. On his soprano feature "Second Set, " with its lilting melodic line and waltzing groove, and his powerful ballad treatment of "My One And Only Love," his debt to John Coltrane is conspicuous–but Redman is clearly not chasin' the Trane as far as timbre, phrasing and lyric conception are concerned. Joshua Redman's presentation ponders both modern and traditional source materials. Just listen to his warm tone on the funky "Jig-A-Jug," which is clearly a nod to those bluesy, macho, big-toned tenors of yore, such as Gene "Jug" Ammons and Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis. There's also an angular "Dialogue," his unaccompanied variations on Sonny Rollins' "St. Thomas," the hard-bop cum R&B synthesis of "Herbs And Roots," his oh-so low and mellow lyricism on the moody "Neverend," and the fierce syncopations of "Slapstick." Holding this broad stylistic exhibition together are a first-rate band of young firebrands (drummer Brian Blade, bassist Christopher Thomas and pianist Peter Martin), who attack swing, bop, blues, funk and post-modern settings with taste, energy and conviction.

1. Jig-A-Jug
2. My One And Only Love
3. Count Me Out
4. Second Snow
5. Remember
6. Dialogue
7. St. Thomas
1. Herbs And Roots
2. Wait No Longer
3. Neverend
4. Just In Time5. Mt. Zion
6. Slapstick
7. Lyric

Joshua Redman Quartet: Joshua Redman (saxophone); Peter Martin (piano); Christopher Thomas (bass); Brian Blade (drums). Recorded live at The Village Vanguard, New York on March 21-26, 1995. All songs written by members of the Joshua Redman Quartet except "My One And Only Love" (Wood/Mellin), "Remember" (Irving Berlin), "St. Thomas" (Sonny Rollins) and "Just In Time" (Styne/Green/Comden).

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