JURA STUBLIĆ I FILM - Sve najbolje

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JURA STUBLIĆ I FILM - Sve najbolje

JURA STUBLIĆ I FILM - Sve najbolje
Croatian Pop-Rock | 2001 | MP3 | CBR 192 kbit/s | 44.1 kHz | Stereo

Film was a Croatian rock group founded in 1978 in Zagreb. Film was one of the more popular rock groups in the 80's.

Singer, songwriter and leader of the group was Jura Stublić. On the solo guitar was Mladen Jurčić - Max, on bas guitar was Marino Pelaić - Baracuda, on drums Ivan Stančić - Piko. In 1981 the group became very popular. Its first big hit was song Neprilagođen (Maladjusted). In that time Jura Stublić wrote hits like Zamisli život u ritmu muzike za ples (Imagine life in the rhythm of music for dancing), Radio ljubav (Radio love), Zajedno (Together), Kad si mlad (When you are young), Odvedi me iz ovog grada (Get me out of this town), Zona sumraka (Twilight zone), etc. The greatest concert of the group was in the Zagreb club Kulušić on February 11, 1981 when they recorded a live album.

In 1986, the first line-up of the group collapsed. There were also attempts to sell their albums in France, with changed name Le cinema. They had less than 1000 albums sold in France.

Jura Stublić started solo career, and gave his band new (half old) name Jura Stublić & Film. In that time they had few good songs like Sjećam se prvog poljupca (I remember my first kiss), Glas srca (Voice of heart), Dobre vibracije (Good vibrations, which is not remake of Beach Boys), Ljubav je zakon (Love rules), etc.

When the Serbian agression on Croatia started, Jura Stublić made his last album Hrana za golubove. On that album there were two great anti-war songs - E, moj druže beogradski (Oh, my fellow from Belgrade) and Bili cvitak (White flower).

Greating from Croatia.

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