Kaizers Orchestra - Ompa Til du Dor (2001)

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Kaizers Orchestra - Ompa Til du Dor
MP3 320 Kbps | 2001 | Label: BroilerFarm | 100 Mb
Genre: Pop/rock | Styles: Rock

The most exciting band on the Norwegian rock scene in 2001/2002! The band Kaizer's Orchestra have had a tremendous success since they released their debutalbum in September 2001, and their debut album "Ompa til du dør" have sold over 90.000 copies.
Within the first 3 months, the band has established itself as Norway's most exciting liveact, and journalists from all over Norway have used all their imagination trying to describe the music and the feelings it creates.
VG, Norway's biggest newspaper gave the debutalbum six out of six and wrote:
Kaizer's Orchestra's debut album is no less than the Norwegian answer to Tom Waits "Rain dogs"! Norwegian lyrics.

01: Kontroll På Kontinentet
02: Ompa Til Du Dør
03: Bøn Fra Helvete
04: 170
05: Rullett
06: Dr. Mowinckel
07: Fra Sjåfør Til Passasjer
08: Resistansen
09: Dekk Bord
10: Bak Et Halleluja
11: Bris
12: Mr. Kaizer, Hans Constanse Og Meg