Karunesh - The Way of the Heart (2001)

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Karunesh - The Way of the Heart (2001) | MP3 | 256 Kbps

Let yourself travel through the colourful world of the Heart with this true successor of Sounds of the Heart and Colours of Light. Touching, relaxing, yet full of joy an spirit! “These heartfelt melodies, embedded in soft rhythms an ambient atmospheres will take you on a journey of the heart: soothing and relaxing, yet full of joy and alive. This music lets you have a space of your own, of inner well-being. It's a space we all remember well from our childhood when everything was connected with simple and clear feelings of the heart”.

Track listing:
1. Wanderer
2. Spirits of the Forest
3. Call of the Unknown
4. Beyond the Horizon
5. Morning Glory [Mix]
6. Riverdance
7. Earth & Sky
8. Journey of the Heart
9. Sweet Lullaby
10. Coming Home (Morning Glory Reprise)

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