Keith Jarrett - Staircase

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Keith Jarrett - Staircase

Keith Jarrett - Staircase

Label: ECM | Genre: Jazz | MP3 320 Kbps | 168 Mb | Release 1976

Solo performer: Keith Jarrett (piano). Recorded at Davout Studio, Paris, France in May 1976. Recorded in Paris in 1976, this is a solo piano album devoted to four pieces. Each of these pieces is divided into two or three sections, with the result a cross between his shorter solo works, such as FACING YOU, and his longer improvisations (THE KOLN CONCERT, SUN BEAR CONCERTS). These are variations on a theme, whose highly contrasting approaches make for a vivid whole. The title piece's second part holds the core melodic structure while turning highly percussive, sounding like rainfall on an outdoor stairway. "Hourglass" finds Jarrett exploring the gospel-tinged sounds he's favored from the earliest years of his career. "Sundial" is the set's most meditative piece, while the aptly named "Sand" is earthier. STAIRCASE is recorded with gorgeous, warm clarity.

A two record set, each side consisting of one composition. Jarrett can build moods and feelings over the course of a piece and never trod the same ground twice. A good effort this one is. The photography gracing the cover has that ECM "house" look to it.

Track listing:

1. Staircase (Part 1)
2. Staircase (Part 2)
3. Staircase (Part 3)
4. Hourglass (Part 1)
5. Hourglass (Part 2)
6. Sundial (Part 1)
7. Sundial (Part 2)
8. Sundial (Part 3)
9. Sand (Part 1)
10. Sand (Part 2)

Keith Jarrett - Staircase