Kevin Ferguson - Strad To Strat (1995)

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Kevin Ferguson - Strad To Strat (1995)
128 Kbps | Instrumental Guitar / Neo classical Rock | 60 Mb

1. Wieniawski: Caprice In A Minor
2. Paganini: Perpetual Motion
3. Paganini: Violin Cto #1, 1st Mvmt, Pt 1
4. Paganini: Violin Cto #1, 1st Mvmt, Pt 2
5. Paganini: Violin Cto #1, 1st Mvmt, Pt 3
6. Paganini: Violin Cto #1, 1st Mvmt, Pt 4
7. Paganini: Violin Cto #1, 1st Mvmt, Pt 5
8. Paganini: Violin Cto #1, 2nd Mvmt
9. Paganini: Violin Cto #1, 3rd Mvmt
10. Paganini: Caprice #5
11. Sarasate: Zigeuner Weissen, Pt 1
12. Sarasate: Zigeuner Weissen, Pt 2
13. Vivaldi: Summer, Presto
14. Rimsky-Korsakov: Bumblebee
15. Bach: Violin Cto #1, 1st Mvmt
16. Bach: Violin Cto #1, 2nd Mvmt
17. Bach: Violin Cto #1, 3rd Mvmt
18. Bach: 6th Violin Sonata Prelude

Kevin Ferguson, a guitarist and composer from Oregon, offers up his debut CD, consisting of fiery classical music composed by violin virtuosi such as Paganini, Wieniawski and Sarasate. Strad To Strat was born from Ferguson's discovery of classical violin sheet music in his quest to become a better sight reader on guitar. Arranged for electric guitar and full orchestra, the record realizes Ferguson's vision of classical pieces performed with a very powerful instrument – a Fender Stratocaster. Strad To Strat features tracks such as the well known "Flight of The Bumblebee" and Paganini's Violin Concerto No. 1, "Perpetual Motion" and Caprice No. 5, Vivaldi's Summer (Four Seasons), as well as lesser known pieces such as Wieniaski's Caprice No. 4. If you've been looking for amped-up classical compositons, your search is over.

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