Kevin Kern: Embracing the Wind (2001) (Repost in APE)

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Kevin Kern: Embracing the Wind (2001) (Repost in APE)

FULL Discography of Kevin Kern in lossless Monkey Audio format

Kevin Kern: Embracing the Wind (2001) (Repost in APE)

Kevin Kern - Embracing the Wind | 2001
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Genre: New Age, Easy listening | Piano music

Kevin Kern’s fifth album for Real Music is another sweet and soothing musical journey to the gentle side of life. Kevin is a master of melody with a heartfelt message, and this is the perfect music to comfort and uplift mind and soul.

Kevin composes many of his pieces for relaxation, so there are no sharp edges or jarring chords. Kern’s music is as smooth as silk and as tranquil as a spring breeze.

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1. Blossom on the Wind
2. Through Your Eyes
3. Childhood Remembered
4. The Silence of Knowing
5. Above the Clouds
6. Bathed in Dawn's Light
7. From This Day Forward
8. A Secret Grove
9. Fantasia's Lullaby
10. A Gentle Whisper

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