Kevin Kern: Asia Concert (2004) (MP3 VBR)

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Unfortunately I was unable to find this concert in APE. So it is only a VBR MP3.
All the tracks in this concert are from previous Kern's albums. However since I already have it on my PC I also decided to share it with you

Kevin Kern: Asia Concert (2004) (MP3 VBR)

Kevin Kern - Asia Concert | 2004 (2CD)
VBR MP3 | Covers | ~140 Mb | RS 2x48Mb+1x42Mb
Genre: New Age, Easy listening | Piano music

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1. The Touch of Love
2. Cauldron of Healing
3. A Million Stars
4. Dance of the Dragonfly
5. Sundial Dreams
6. Above The Clouds
7. Children At Play
8. The Way of the Stream
9. Through the Veil

1. Blossom on the Wind
2. Through the Arbor
3. From This Day Forward
4. Filled With Light
5. Twilight's Embrace
6. Ancient Guardians
7. Until Tomorrow
8. In The Enchanted Garden
9. Touch the Sky

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