Kevin Kern: Imagination's Light (2005) (Repost in APE)

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Kevin Kern: Imagination's Light (2005) (Repost in APE)

FULL Discography of Kevin Kern in lossless Monkey Audio format

Kevin Kern: Imagination's Light (2005) (Repost in APE)

Kevin Kern - Imagination's Light | 2005
APE+CUE | Covers | 179 Mb | RS 3x48Mb+1x42Mb
Genre: New Age, Easy listening | Piano music

As a child, Kevin would sit in a room lit only by firelight, allowing his imagination to bring forth the images and emotions he then combined with his immense talent into musical expression. To this day, Kevin still darkens the studio lights to compose his uniquely exquisite piano music, accompanied only by imagination's light.

* * *


1. Remembering the Light
2. Safe in Your Embrace
3. Pearls of Joy
4. Told to the Heart
5. Fields of Gold
6. Imagination's Key
7. Keepers of the Flame
8. Musings
9. Sweet Dreams, Helena
10. I Am Always Right Here
11. And the Light Is Forever

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