Kiss of Death: A Sikk Tribute to Kiss (1999)

Posted By: chocobo
Kiss of Death: A Sikk Tribute to Kiss (1999)

Kiss of Death "A Sikk Tribute to Kiss" | 1999 | 192 kbps | Genere: Black Metal
MP3 | VBR 192 Kbps 44800 Joint Stereo | 44:04 | 44.6 MB

Another awesome creation from Dwell records, and kick… like always! i love this cd, good homeage to KISS. i didnt actually like KISS until i heard this. Standout tracks - Acheron "War Machine", Crematorium "Cold Gin", Hate Theory "Goin' BLind", Equinox "The Oath". i pretty much like all the tracks all evenly though. i love this cd. buy it if you like KISS and if your a death metal fan… because if your not you probaly wouldnt enjoy it. but buy if if you like KISS and death metal, dont buy if you dont, its that simple

1. Rocket Ride - From The Depths
2. Deuce - Hostile Intent
3. God Of Thunder - Blood Caven
4. Strutter - Shallows Of The Mundane
5. Goin' Blind - Hate Theory
6. War Nachine - Acheron
7. The Oath - Equinox
8. Cold Gin - Crematorium
9. Strange Ways - Vile
10. I Love It Loud - Tchort
11. Detroit Rock City - Debauchery
12. Shout It Out Loud - Scary German Guy