Keith Jarrett : Radiance (2002)

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Keith Jarrett : Radiance (2002)

Keith Jarrett : Radiance (2002)
Live Solo Concert (Japan)

CD1 : Part 1 to Part 9
CD2 : Part 10 to Part 17
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Some words about the music
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Months before I went to Japan, I had the idea that, since my career had had a lot to do with transforming energy into something new each time, this time I wanted the transformation to include the actual format itself. Most listeners of my past solo concerts will be momentarily (at least) shocked at the initial absence of melodic - or even motivic - content, the material seemingly un-motivated by any concept at all. This is not an accident (or it was a planned one). I didn't want any premature resolutions. How we arrive at profound thoughts has a lot to do with what we aren't thinking beforehand, and I had in mind letting some of the music happen to me without sitting there deep in thought. I wanted my hands (especially the left hand) to tell me things. This is part of the process I wished to experiment with. Transformative moments are very rare, or they seem so due to our inattention. It takes so many processes to coincide just so for us to arrive at a transformative moment (if we're watching). But maybe this is wrong, and they happen constantly, though we are absent. The listener has to bear with me here. The whole thing is risky, but I've taken you places before and I’m not aiming to disappoint.

The first 13 tracks are discrete pieces drawn from each previous piece and constitute the entire concert in Osaka. The second piece would not have existed without the first, etc. The audience in Japan also was not prepared for this format, so you will notice no applause at times. Not so strangely, this gave me a chance to really know what to play next. It was a gift to have no applause. Not so much of a gift was the coughing, but still, after experimenting with taking some of the coughs out of the mix, I opted for everything to be there. The event lays itself out as it happened. I was slightly shocked to notice that the concert had arranged itself into a musical structure despite my every effort to be oblivious to the overall outcome. I should not have felt this way, however for the subconscious musical choices of sequence were made out of the personal need for the next thing. This is what one should keep in mind while listening. We are all players and we are all being played.

Tokyo (tracks 14-17) pieces were selected to keep the flow and spirit and serve also to fill out the second CD. Track 14 and 15 were the first pieces at that concert, in sequence, track 16 was from the second half; track 17 was the last piece. For that complete concert, a DVD will shortly exist. Everything on these discs is completely improvised.

Keith Jarrett

Keith Jarrett : Radiance (2002)

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P.S.: I have the KJ Tokyo Solo concert, but this is a 7 gb DVD and I dont know what is the best solution to share it with you (divx, audio ripp only, full iso image…). So I will appreciate your suggestions please.