Klaus Schulze - Timewind

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Klaus Schulze - Timewind

Klaus Schulze - Timewind (1975)
Genre: Electronic / New Age | APE, CUE | VBR 870 kbps 44100 Stereo | ~ 360 MB | 59 Minutes

1.Bayreuth Return
2.Wahnfried 1883

Timewind album - the "quintessence" of Klaus Schulze's analog synth music - was awarded the International Grand Prix du Disque and it is the ultimate electronic trip, very spacious and flowing with a huge atmosphere. Unquestionably, Timewind is one of the most admired and influential synth albums of all time!

Klaus Schulze - the undisputed electronic maestro once said his music is intended as a connection between dead machines and living people. That's quite a connection, and one that has given rise to some incredibly interesting sounds on his masterpiece album - Timewind. Listening to it one is left wondering what Richard Wagner, to whom the album is dedicated, would think of it.

Klaus Schulze's Timewind demonstrates that electronic music can be far more than the cold clinical sounds usually associated with the genre. The haunting sounds and cascading melodic lines flow gently across the ears. It is certainly more than just mere mood music … This album is stunning: the organic, analogic, spacey sound similar to the wind is a wonder to behold, very relaxing and imaginative; it transports you to an aural paradise, which could last forever and still would be too short.

Klaus Schulze - Timewind