Koko Taylor - The Chess years

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Koko Taylor - The Chess years

Koko Taylor - The Chess years
Blues | MP3 | EAC 320 kbs | 57.5 + 67.2 MB | 1997 re-release

Before signing on to Aligator records, where she became known as The Queen of Blues, Koko Taylor was signed by legendary Willie Dixon for Chess label. These songs made her famous.

1. Got What It Takes
2. Don't Mess With The Messer
3. Whatever I Am, You Made Me
4. I'm A Little Mixed Up
5. Wang Dang Doodle
6. (I Got) All You Need
7. Love Me
8. What Came First The Egg Or The Hen
9. Insane Asylum
10. Fire
11. I Don't Care Who Knows
12. Twenty Nine Ways (To My Baby's Door)
13. Blue Prelude
14. I Need More And More
15. Um Huh My Baby
16. Bills, Bills & More Bills
17. Bonus Track
18. I Got What It Takes (Live with Muddy Waters)

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