Kolumbus Kris - If You Don't Like...

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If you are into Texas Boogie and hard juicy Blues Rock this CD is for you! Если вы любите Texas Boogie и жесткий, сочный Blues Rock, эта пластинка - для вас!

Kolumbus Kris - If You Don't Like...

Kolumbus Kris is a little-known outfit from Estonia but in my opinion it's one of the best - if not the best - Blues Rock band in the territory of the former USSR... Kolumbus Kris - сравнительно малоизвестная команда из Эстонии, но, на мой взгляд, это одна из лучших, если не лучшая блюзроковая группа на территории бывшего Союза...

Entering the frills-free sound world conjured up by Estonian band Kolumbus Kris means stepping into a Boogie-Party Land. "Southern Boogie Kings" they once called an album of theirs. And they have, more than once actually, strutted their stuff on that side of the Big Pond where all their musical inspiration comes from. Honest and workaholic house-rockers, this lot.


01. Soft Legs
02. Cruising Around
03. If You Don't Like ...
04. Payday
05. Telephone Blues
06. Cigarettes And Liquor
07. Easy
08. Long Way From Home
09. Night-time
10. Blue Monday Blues
11. Beer Drinking Boys
12. Good Lookin' Baby
13. Burn The Breeze
14. Mojo

Genre/Style: Blues Rock
Release Date: 1994
Label: Fugata
Label Number: FUGCD 1002
Format: MP3 | VBR 266-297 kbps | Stereo | LAME
Total Playing Time: 58 min.
Download Size: 116 MB
My Rating: *****

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Пароль на архив: mojo

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