Lambert, Hendricks and Ross - Twisted (The Best of)

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Lambert, Hendricks and Ross - Twisted (The  Best of)

Lambert, Hendricks and Ross - Twisted (The Best of)
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The premier jazz vocal act of all time, Lambert, Hendricks Ross revolutionized vocal music during the late '50s and early '60s by turning away from the increasingly crossover slant of the pop world to embrace the sheer musicianship inherent in vocal jazz. Applying the concepts of bop harmonies to swinging vocal music, the trio transformed dozens of instrumental jazz classics into their own songs, taking scat solos and trading off licks and riffs in precisely the same fashion of their favorite improvising musicians. Vocal arranger Dave Lambert wrote dense clusters of vocal lines for each voice that, while only distantly related, came together splendidly. Jon Hendricks wrote clever, witty lyrics to jazz standards like "Summertime," "Moanin'" and "Twisted," and Ross proved to be one of the strongest, most dexterous female voices in the history of jazz vocals. Together Lambert, Hendricks Ross paved the way for vocal groups like Manhattan Transfer while earning respect from vocalists and jazz musicians alike.

1. Twisted
2. Down for Double - Dave Lambert & His Singers
3. Moanin'
4. Cotton Tail
5. Sermonette
6. Goin' to Chicago Blues - Count Basie Orchestra
7. Cloudburst
8. In a Mellow Tone
9. Centerpiece
10. Main Stem
11. Little Niles
12. Hi-Fly
13. Little Pony - Dave Lambert & His Singers
14. Doodlin'
15. Farmer's Market
16. Caravan
17. Everyday
18. Things Ain't What They Used to Be