Laserdance - Future Generation (1985)

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Laserdance "Future Generation" | 1985 | Genre: Space Synth / Italo-Disco
MP3 | CBR 192 Kbit/s 44100Hz Joint-Stereo| 43:39 | 62 MB


1. Power Run 4:37
2. Humanoid Invasion 5:01
3. Space Dance 4:50
4. Goody's Return 5:13
5. Future Generation 4:29
6. Digital Dream 4:50
7. Fear 5:30
8. Laser Fear 4:59
9. Fear (Remix) 6:40

Laserdance is a studio formation that appeared on the scene in 1983 and released it's first self-titled single that same year. However, the first full album didn't appear until 1985. Music on most albums is written by Michel van der Kuy and Erik van Vliet. Laserdance is the band that started what we know today as space disco music or instrumental synth disco, whatever you call it. It's highly dynamic rhythmic music which is also suitable for dancing (at least it was in the eighties). Similar to italo-disco, albeit more spacey and completely instrumental. In other words energetic stuff. By the way, their slow tracks are something to hear. I recommend Laserdance for people who like energetic and danceable stuff and who don't mind a bit of repetition in their music. Just don't expect anything serious here. Just your normal space disco affair.

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Here we have a true classic, the first Laserdance album ever. It was composed by Michiel van der Kuy and produced by van der Kuy and Erik van Vliet.

Everyone knows 'Power Run', right? A brilliant tune that has some wonderful vocoder singing. 'Humanoid Invasion' is another LD classic.
Onto 'Goody's Return' and 'Future Generation'where we are off to the good old Laserdance sound. Crispy basslines, vocoders, synthchords, Linn Drums, analog pads, bright bells.. it's all there!
'Digital Dream' is one of my favorite spacesynth tracks ever. It's so wonderful that I just want to dream...
It even has some real singing. No idea what the lyrics are though.
'Fear' has never been my faves although it's quite typical Laserdance. There's something that annoys me.. don't know what exactly.
'Laser Fear' however is one of the best "ambient" tracks by Laserdance. Those futuristic chords are soooo great.
Like said, Future Generation is a classic. It's timeless. This is where it all started.

© Lauri Turjansalo from SpaceSynth.de

Laserdance - один из самых известных коллективов, работавших в жанре synth-disco или synthdance. Созданный в 1983 году двумя голандскими элетронщиками Erik Van Vliet и Michiel Van der Kuy, этот проект очень быстро завоевал популярность, и теперь, наряду с итальянским проектом KOTO является самым узнаваемым и популярным представителем этого жанра. Альбом "Future Generation" - первый в дискографии группы, но на нем есть все, что привлекло внимание сотен тысяч слушателей более двадцати лет назад - «роботизированный» вокал, легкий ритм и динамичная мелодика, космические синтезаторы, энергичные, бодрящие мелодии. Под эту музыку легко можно "тряхнуть стариной" на дискотеке в стиле 80-х, а можно и воспользоваться ей как легким музыкальным фоном для работы (эти строки я пишу как раз под под композиции из этого альбома).

Планирую раздать все альбомы этого проекта / I'm planning to share all the albums of Laserdance.

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