Laurie Anderson - Live in New York

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Laurie Anderson: Live In New York
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Laurie Anderson scored an improbable hit in the early ‘80s with the atmospheric "O Superman," a song that appears near the end of this exhaustive two-disc live set. Despite a new arrangement, the track sounds just as entrancing as it did 20 years ago, if only because the 90 minutes leading up to it features some of the most complex, dreamlike, and unnerving music ever produced. But given that these concerts were recorded just days after the September 11 attacks in New York, the effect is all the more chilling--just try to hold back the goose bumps when Anderson sings, "Here come the planes / They're American planes / Made in America." The air of intensity is palpable throughout Live at Town Hall, as Anderson pulls out vintage pieces like "Let X=X" and "Strange Angels," each one taking new shape and meaning in the process. It is a harrowing listen.

Laurie Anderson - Live at Town Hall, New York City, September 19-20, 2001

Disk One

01. Here With You (3:14)
02. Statue Of Liberty (4:21)
03. Let X=X (6:42)
04. Sweaters (2:17)
05. My Compensation (2:30)
06. Washington Street (5:11)
07. Pieces And Parts (3:44)
08. Strange Angels (4:56)
09. Dark Angel (4:46)

Disk Two

01. Wildebeests (4:40)
02. One Beautiful Evening (2:41)
03. Poison (4:43)
04. Broken (3:38)
05. Progress (3:32)
06. Animals (3:12)
07. Life On A String (3:11)
08. Beginning French (2:04)
09. O Superman (8:55)
10. Slip Away (5:35)
11. White Lily (2:34)
12. Puppet Motel (3:18)
13. Love Among The Sailors (3:58)
14. Coolsville (5:25)