Leonard Cohen - Songs From a Room (Remastered)

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Leonard Cohen - Songs From a Room (Remastered)

Leonard Cohen - Songs From A Room (Remastered)
MP3 | 192kbps | 57 Mb | Released: 24.04.2007.
30 covers of Hallelujah | VA | 32 kbps | 37 Mb

1.Bird on the Wire 3:28
2.Story of Isaac 3:38
3.A Bunch of Lonesome Heros 3:18
4.The Partisan 3:29
5.Seems So Long Ago, Nancy 3:41
6.The Old Revolution 4:50
7.The Butcher 3:22
8.You Know Who I Am 3:32
9.Lady Midnight 3:01
10.Tonight Will Be Fine 3:53
11.Like a Bird (Bird on a Wire) previously unreleased / Bonus Track 3:21
12.Nothing to One (You Know Who I Am) previously unreleased / Bonus Track 2:17

AMG review
Leonard Cohen's first album was an unqualified triumph which announced the arrival of a bold and singular talent, and many who heard it must have wondered what Cohen could do for an encore. By comparison, Cohen's second album, 1969's Songs from a Room, was something of a letdown. While it's a fine LP, it ultimately feels neither as striking nor as assured as Songs of Leonard Cohen. Bob Johnston stepped in as producer for Songs from a Room, and his arrangements are simpler than those John Simon crafted for the debut, but they're also full of puzzling accents, such as the jew's harp that punctuates several tracks, the churchy organ line in The Old Revolution, and the harsh synthesizer flourishes on A Bunch of Lonesome Heroes. Johnston also had trouble coaxing strong vocal performances from Cohen; his singing here sounds tentative and his meter is uncertain, which regardless of how one feels about Cohen's much-debated vocal prowess is not the case with his other work. And finally, the quality of the songs on Songs from a Room is less consistent than on Songs of Leonard Cohen; as fine as Bird on a Wire, You Know Who I Am, The Story of Isaac and Seems So Long Ago, Nancy may be, The Butcher and A Bunch of Lonesome Heroes simply aren't up to his usual standards. Despite the album's flaws, Songs from a Room's strongest moments convey a naked intimacy and fearless emotional honesty that's every bit as powerful as the debut, and it left no doubt that Cohen was a major creative force in contemporary songwriting. [In 2007, Songs from a Room was given a remastered reissue by Sony/BMG as part of a revamping of Cohen's back catalog. The new edition includes two bonus tracks, early versions of Bird on a Wire and You Know Who I Am, which were produced by David Crosby. While he might seem an unlikely studio partner for Cohen, the results are better suited to Cohen's talents than what Johnston brought to the songs, and one wonders how the album might have turned out with Crosby at the controls. The reissue has been given a handsome book-style package with plenty of archival photos, song lyrics and new liner notes from Anthony DeCurtis.] Mark Deming

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