Led Zeppelin, I - 1969 - Mp3 Lame 192 CBR

Posted By: akas

With tremendous respect towards the music "pillars" of this small community (nagiants, bully, alexpal's Jethro posts, alexjx, opfesoft and the rest of the Santana gang) YOU HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO LED on this site! Shame, shame!!! I'm starting a series of Zeppelin posts in chronological order, from '69 onwards, and the way my upload is developing, I'd say I could go an album daily.
All CD-rips 192 kbps CBR Lame-encoded.
Please excuse my inability to provide my own scans at the moment, all covers are "borrowed" from , an incredible site for Zep fans.

Track List:

1. Good Times Bad Times 2:47
2. Babe I'm Gonna Leave You 6:41
3. You Shook Me 6:27
4. Dazed and Confused 6:26
5. Your Time Is Gonna Come 4:34
6. Black Mountain Side 2:12
7. Communication Breakdown 2:29
8. I Can't Quit You Baby 4:42
9. How Many More Times 8:28


Tracks 1-4 + covers: 31.02 MB
Tracks 5-9: 30.77 MB

Password: LZ1