Lee Scratch Perry - Arkology Mp3 (3cds)

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Lee Scratch Perry -  Arkology Mp3 (3cds)

Lee Scratch Perry - Arkology
MP3 | 256 Kbps | 1997 | Winrar Archive : 90Mb x4 + 80Mb x1)

Tracklist :

CD 1: Reel I Dub Organiser

1. Dub Revolution (Part 1)
2. One Step Forward
3. One Step Dub
4. Vampire
5. Vamp A Dub
6. Sufferers Time
7. Sufferers Dub
8. Sufferers Heights
9. Don't Blame On I
10. Much Smarter
11. Much Smarter Dub
12. Life Is Not Easy
13. Life Is Not Easy Dub
14. Tedious
15. War In Babylon
16. Revelation Dub
17. Mr. President
18. Chase The Devil

CD 2 : Reel II Dub Shepherd

1. Dreadlocks In Moonlight
2. Dread At The Manirols
3. In These Times
4. In These Times Dub
5. Norman
6. Police & Thieves
7. Magic Touch
8. Soldier & Police War
9. Grumblin' Dub
10. Bad Weed
11. John Public
12. John Public (Version)
13. Roots Train
14. No Peace
15. No Peace Dub
16. Rasta Train
17. Party Time (Part 2)

Cd 3 : Reel III Dub Adventurer

1. Vibrate On
2. Vibrator
3. Bird In Hand
4. Congoman
5. Dyon Anasawa
6. Rastaman Shuffle
7. Why Must I (Version)
8. Make Up Your Mind
9. Closer Together
10. Groovy Situation
11. Groovy Dub
12. To Be A Lover (Have Some Mercy)
13. Soul Fire
14. Curly Locks
15. Feast Of The Passover
16. Roast Fish And Cornbread
17. Corn Fish Dub

The nearly four hours of astounding music encoded on these three discs merely scratch the surface of the highly personal sonic universe created by this legendarily eccentric, yet ridiculously prolific, dub-reggae producer. It's still the best source of entry into Lee "Scratch" Perry's world, though, a place defined by homemade avant-garde production techniques applied to the wittiest, angriest, sexiest, and most soulful reggae tunes ever written. Perry was born in 1936, and his career spans the history of Jamaican music. These 52 tracks, however, derive mainly from the late 1970s, when he was at the height of his considerable powers and recording hits like Max Romeo's "War in a Babylon" and Junior Murvin's "Police and Thieves" for Island. Helpfully annotated, with a healthy handful of unreleased tracks, Arkology is a beginner's banquet of tracks that sound increasingly deep, daring, and downright frightening as the depth of Perry's talent is plumbed.