Leonidas Kavakos - Plays Kreisler, Paganini...

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Leonidas Kavakos - Plays  Kreisler, Paganini...

Leonidas Kavakos
plays 12 violin masterpieces in this excellent 1992 Delos recording
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01-William Kroll / Banjo and Fiddle
02-Antonio Bazzini / La Ronde Des Lutins
03-Fritz Kreisler / Liebesleid
04-Fritz Kreisler / Tambourin Chinois
05-Peter Tchaikovsky / Melody
06-Franz Schubert / L'Abeille
07-Nicolo Paganini / Le Streghe
08-Claude Debussy / La fille aux cheveux de lin
09-Fritz Kreisler / Caprice Viennois
10-Henri Wieniawski / Polonaise Brilliante
11-Fritz Kreisler / Liebesfreud
12-Max Ernst / Fantasy & Variations on a Theme from Rossini's Othello

recording details
Executive Producer: Amelia S. Haygood
Recording Producer: Adam Stern
Recording Engineer: John Eargle
Post Production/Editing: Christopher Herles, Bejun
Mehta, Catherine Broucek Orr
Production Assistant: Phyllis Bernard
Digital Recording: Sony
Digital Editing: Sony DAE 3000
Monitor Loudkpeakers: JBL 4413
Microphones: Sanken CU41, Sennheiser MKH20
Console: Soundcraft 200B
Piano: Bosendorfer Model 275 Concert Grand
Instrument Technician: Richard Davenport
Page Turner: Cabor Lukin
Special Thanks to David Abell
Recorded at the First Congregational Church of Los
Angeles, November 11 -13,1991
Cover Photo: Meredith Day
Design: Tri-Arts, Inc.
Graphic Implementation: Steven Dudeck
Ty Wood Printing

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