Lituanie - Le Pays des Chansons

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Lituanie - Le Pays des Chansons

Lituanie: Le Pays des Chansons
Genre: Folk Lithuania | MP3 160 Kbps | Label: Ocora | 75 Mb

Ocora C 600005, recorded by Lietuvos Radijas (Radio National Lituanienne), 1958-1995

Lithuania- the Country of Songs, Appears to Be a Most Appropriate Expression to Describe How Lithuanians Express Themselves Through Music. Most Villages and Cities Have Known Singers and Choirs, and Many Different Styles of Singing Have Been Developed. Lithuania Is Well Known for Its Singing Festivals Where More Than 10,000 Singers May Participate. This Cd Is a Rare Opportunity. We Hear Extremely High Quality Recordings from the Beginning of the 20th Century That Survived the Passage of Time. We Hear Singers, Choirs, and Musicians, Now Deceased, Who Offer Us a Marvelous Historical View of the Music of a People Whose History Has Joys, But Also Losses, Wars, and Displacements, and for Whom Singing Has Played a Vital Role In Their Survival as a People. (AMG)

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01. A-a a-a Mazulyte
02. As Pasejau Linelius
03. Polka
04. Susikalbejo Zalia Nendrele
05. Prie Sesules Vartu Balti Dobileliai
06. Vai Zydek, Zydek
07. Senovine Polka
08. Vaikstinejo Povele Po Dvaru
09. Oi Siunta, Siunta Mani Matula
10. Eisim Sasuteles, Galilia
11. Ciutyta Rutela
12. Esima Seses, Dauno
13. Tututis
14. Taiso Redo Sesuo Broli
15. Intakas
16. Saltas Sltinelis
17. Marsas Rutu Vainikas
18. Zarasiske Polka
19. Leiskis, Leiskis Saulela
20. Pyragiu Kaim Polka
21. Sili Pusyni, Traki Berzyni
22. Lygios Pievos
23. Gegula Raiboji
24. Augo Girelej
25. Polkute Birbynel
26. Kalakutu Barskalu Polka
27. Pasakyk Mergela
28. Lestinga
29. Gerket, Gerket Broliukai
30. Patrepsejimo Polka
31. Oi Meiga, Meiga
32. Tena Ont Kalnele
33. Gricinike
34. Vai Kuma Susieda
35. Polka Uch



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