Llewellyn & Juliana - Earth Angel (2004)

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Llewellyn & Juliana - Earth Angel (2004)

Llewellyn & Juliana - Earth Angel (2004)
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EARTH ANGEL is an album for people who sense they are different and have a passion for wanting to help others and animals. They care about the Earth and feel a strong connection with nature. Somehow life often seems to be a struggle and they sense the suffering and negativity around them. They desperately want to heal and teach and change the World through Love.

The album is hopefully a stepping stone that gives those special people the strength to realise their spiritual realm origin and move forward in their relationships and feel better about themselves and all aspects of their lives.

Juliana: Vocals and Backing Vocals
Llewellyn: Vocals, Backing Vocals and all instruments
Chris Conway:Acoustic & electric 9 string guitars, tin & low whistles, zither.
Kevin Kendle: Additional Keyboards
France Ellul: Harp

Produced by Llewellyn
With Production Assistance by Chris Conway

Recorded at Norvic Studios, Herts. United Kingdom
Also recorded at Oblong Studios and Eventide Studios

01.Earth Angel
02.In my Dreams
03.Star Angel
04.Girl with no name
06.Just for today
07.She moved through the Fair
09.Home take me Home
10.Swimming with Dolphins
11.Life inside of me
12.Angel Prayer

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