Canarios – Ciclos

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Canarios – Ciclos

Canarios – Ciclos
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Spanish ensemble's Ciclos may be *the very best* progressive adaptation of a classical work that I have ever heard. On this one they do "Four Seasons" over a double LP and do it in such a mindblowing and classic way, that all I can say is I'm going to throw away my Pictures At An Exhibition album! Weird electronics, stunning classical rock, and some out and out space music highlight this classic of the genre.
Los Canarios created an outstanding 73 minute work based on Vivaldi's Four Seasons. Obviously, the music is very Baroque in nature because of the original but Los Canarios's version is much heavier because of the electric instrumentation of a rock band. You may instantly think of ELP's take on Pictures at an Exhibition but Los Canarios take a more refined approach relative to ELP's bombastic and sometimes erratic interpretation. But don't be fooled: Ciclos is a heavy and dynamic work in its own right with plenty of synth and organ work as well as guitar. Vocals (in English) are heard throughout but I'd say the album is dominated by instrumental sections. Ciclos is a classic of the Spanish progressive scene. If you like heavy prog dominated by synth and guitar, check this out.
Fans of symphonic progressive with flip their tails over this one! THE best rock adaptation of classical music EVER, and that is NO exaggeration! It's a rock adaptation of Vivaldi's "The Four Seasons" with some original music added to make the concept flow. The original music consists of electronic music, vocal music and the like, but based on Vivaldi's original themes and motives. The mixture of multiple keyboards (Mellotrons, synths, acoustic and electric pianos), powerful vocals, some rock, some choral and some operatic and manic Akkermanesque guitar make for varied and interesting listening. The arrangements of the string quartet pieces for rock band work beautifully, especially on the adaptations of the "Spring" and "Winter" sections, which work surprisingly well as rock music. They even include a short "Christmas carol" in one track! Originally a 70-plus-minute double album, issued on a single CD. My highest recommendations go out to this one!. – Mike Ohman
Los Canarios was a Spanish band that started playing back in the late 60's. At the beginning, they played Soul and R&B influenced music, singing mostly in English. They got some hit singles in the Spanish charts such as "Get on your Knees" and "Free yourself" and opened concerts for The Beach Boys. The leader, Eduardo "Teddy" Bautista disbanded the group to take the military service. When he finished it, he reformed the band, still keeping the name, but the members and the concept were completely different. At the time (early 70's) he was experimenting with synthesizers, being a pioneer in Spain. The result of this experimentation lead the band to their magnum-opus: Ciclos a cult classic of the symphonic rock genre.

Released in 1974, Ciclos is a concept album with an interesting story line that goes from the creation of the Earth to the Apocalypse in 2700 A.C. The album is divided in four acts "Paraiso Remoto" (Remote Paradise), "Abismo Próximo" (Next Abyss), "Ciudad Futura" (Future City) and "El Eslabón Recobrado" (The Recovered Link) telling the life of the son of Matrix, who represents the nature, created by Arquitecto Supremo (Supreme Architect), during this period of transformations with different names in each act (Embryo, Febos, Metántropo and Anacros respectively). Each act is based musically in one of the Seasons of Vivaldi's Four Seasons. It features vocals in English, Spanish and Latin. The instrumentation is very rich, and the presence of synths is vital. The arrangements of the classical work are very precise. The musicians involved in this magnificent work are:

Eduardo "Teddy" Bautista: Arrangements, keyboards and vocals.
Alain Richard: Drums and Percussion.
Antonio García de Diego: guitars, vibraphone, cello and vocals.
Mathias Sanvellian: keyboards and violin.
Christian Mellies: bass guitar and keyboards.
Alfredo Carrión: Arrangements.
Rudmini Sukmawati: Soprano voice.

temas: Primera Transmigración (16:50) (1) Genesis
(2) Prana
(3) Primera Visión De Un Mundo Nuevo
(4) Himno A La Armonía Magistral Del Unverso
(5) Primeros Pasos En Un Mundo Nuevo
(6) Metamorfosis Extravagante Segunda Transmigración (16:45) (1) Narración Extravagante
(2) Primeras Preguntas En Un Mundo Nuevo
(3) Canto Al Niño Neurótico
(4) Himno Crítico A La Primera Adversidad
(5) Desfile Extravagante
(6) Proceso Alienatorio
(7) Serenata Extravagante Tercera Transmigración (17:47) (1) Narración Extravagante
(2) Primeras Preguntas En Un Mundo Nuevo
(3) Canto Al Niño Neurótico
(4) Himno Crítico A La Primera Adversidad
(5) Desfile Extravagante
(6) Proceso Alienatorio
(7) Serenata Extravagante Cuarta Transmigración (21:53) (1) Hibernus
(2) Crisis
(3) Ballet De Las Sombras
(4) Himno A La Armonía Implacable Del Fin
(5) Vanessa (El aliento de la osamenta)
(6) Nirvana Extravagante
(7) Diálogos A Alto Nivel
(Cool Hiperdestrucción
(9) Apocalipsis