Los Prisioneros - Pateando Piedras (1986)

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Los Prisioneros - Pateando Piedras (1986)

Los Prisioneros - Pateando Piedras (1986)

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Los Prisioneros was a Rock en Español band from San Miguel, Chile formed in 1982. They began as a very influential local band during the early 1980s, once they signed to EMI in 1985, they reached mainstream success all over South America and Central America.

In 1986, their fanbase grew and their second album became a long awaited album. It was titled "Pateando Piedras". It became a double platinum album in Chile. By that time, the group was invited to perform at Argentina's Chateau Rock Festival and later to a similar event in Montevideo, Uruguay. On this album, the recording quality had improved vastly compared to "La Voz De los '80". This album marked the change in their sound. While in "La Voz De Los '80" they had the typical guitar/bass/drums rock outfit (they did have synthesizers on the songs, they were just very low or far in the mix) in "Pateando Piedras" the first song on the album showed the new Los Prisioneros. "Muevan Las Industrias" has nothing but synthesizers and electronic drums, showing that Los Prisioneros were moving on into the more electronic sound of the 1980's rather than staying in the rock genre. Still, the album was a mix of their political and social ideas lyrically with their familiar rock sound and newly flourished synthesizer-layered pop rock. They released a number of singles for the album, and some of them include "Muevan Las Industrias", "Porque No Se Van" and "Quieren Dinero". During this time, they toured extensively all over Chile and they reached mainstream success in the Chilean rock scene.

In 1987 Los Prisioneros would head into the studio to record their third album, "La Cultura De La Basura". After four months of recording sessions, the album was released. The album was strongly opposed by the military regime and Los Prisioneros were blacked out of the mainstream media, affecting sales and limiting the exposure of the album. Much tension yet relief was accomplished during those four months, the band had never sounded so unified. They put out many singles like "Pa Pa Pa", "Maldito Sudaca", "Que No Destrocen Tu Vida" and others. This album was by far their most socially & politically active album lyric wise since "La Voz De Los '80". They toured around South America for months, using the tours to help promote the "No on Pinochet" vote in a national plebiscite on military rule. In 1988, due to not so high of what the label expected in sales, they re-released "La Cultura De La Basura" for the Latin American market with most of the songs re-recorded. They also included the song that would become the first video to be ever aired on MTV Latino, "We Are Sudamerican Rockers". With all this, Los Prisioneros gained a lot of mainstream attention. Towards the end of 1988 personal conflicts began growing between Jorge and Claudio.