Los Prisoneros - La Cultura del ala Basura (1987)

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Los Prisoneros - La Cultura del ala Basura (1987)

Los Prisoneros - La Cultura del ala Basura (1987)
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This album is a mixture between depeche mode and the clash

This is Los Prisioneros third studio album recorded in 1987. The problem with this album was not the music…it was what was happening in Chile during the late 1980's.

The dictator Pinochet was up for a plebiscite election, Los Prisioneros were asked if they were voting for a YES to keep him as the dictator of Chile or a NO to overthrow him…they said they would vote for the NO.

This meant the album would not sell well, the extensive South American tour would almost be completely cancelled except for a one digit number of shows and they would receive zero radio airplay. This is exactly what happened. This is what kept this album from becoming their biggest hit…censorship. Now after telling you this, I can move on to the album.

The album shows a very diverse Los Prisioneros, in their first album we saw that they could Rock, with synthesizers far/low in the mix. In their second album we saw they could play rock AND put their Synthesizers in the front of their music, leaving their guitars more behind in the mix. La Cultura De La Basura showed us they could do a combination of all they had done from 1984-1986 and present us with something completely new in 1987. The engineer who worked on the album did a fantastic job as well, the sound is amazingly crystal clear even with all the layers, especially with songs that include a variety of percussion in the background. Also, for the first time, they bought an EMAX sampler. Which allowed them to play samples in the music which they never did on the previous two albums making the album feel a lot fuller around the edges.

If I had to describe this album with genres I would say something like "Melodic 80's New Wave Rock with Straightforward Lyrical Content"

The album was re-released finally on CD in 1995 along with all their first 4 albums "La Voz De Los '80" (1984), "Pateando Piedras" (1986), "La Cultura De La Basura" (1987) and "Corazones" (1990).

Now jumping into the year 2006, this album is praised just as highly as their previous two albums, during the 90's Chile was no longer under a dictatorship and they were able change and enjoy life, appreciation for this album flourished in the 1990's. Now the moment you've all been waiting for, a summary:

La Cultura De La Basura is truly a great album, Los Prisionero's efforts to make such an ambitious record was just perfect. The lyrical content varies from various topics but it flows flawlessly and the melody while hard to hear the first time, is highly influential and will stay stuck in your head until you listen carefully and understand the album. From then on, the album will flow easily and you probably won't want to change into a certain track as the album feels as a whole.

Track Listings
1. Somos Sólo Ruido
2. De la Cultura de la Basura
3. Que No Destrocen Tu Vida
4. Usted y Su Ambición
5. Cuando Te Vayas
6. Jugas a la Guerra
7. Algo Tan Moderno
8. Maldito Sudaca
9. Estamos Pasando Muy Bien
10. Es Mi Idolo
11. Vals
12. Otro Dia
13. Pa Pa Pa
14. Poder Elegir