L. Subramaniam - Global Fusion (1999)

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L. Subramaniam - Global Fusion (1999)
Indian World Fusion Music

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1 Jai Hanuman! 03:41
2 Lost love 10:01
3 Gipsy Trail 12:30
4 Blue Lotus 11:28
5 Harmony of the Hearts 11:01

Amazon Reviews:
Global Fusion is truly that - not just East meets West but also East (India) meets Far East (Japan and China). L. Subramaniam and his collaborators prove themselves adept at mastering a diverse range of styles and blending them skillfully. The music ranges from energetic pieces that will have you nodding your head and tapping your toes to dreamy, lyrical pieces that unfold slowly and carry you away. Most of the pieces are quite long (10 minutes or more) so the short clips here do not do them justice. But if you're looking for a musical adventure and the reviews sound appealing, give it a try.–-JoAnn Whetsell

L. Subramaniam - Global Fusion (1999)

L. Subramaniam, the brother of violinist L. Shankar, has been making musical worlds collide since the 1970s, recording with jazz artists like John Handy and Larry Coryell. On Global Fusion the pace is set with "Jai Hanuman!", a rousing adaptation of the Balinese "Ramayana Monkey Chant" (a.k.a. "Ketjak") stoked by Indian percussion and Subramaniam's soaring violin. With its ability to go between the notes, the violin is perfectly suited to the microtonalities of Indian and Asian music. Subramaniam duets fluidly with Miya Masaoka playing the Japanese koto on "Lost Love" and creates an Indo-Chinese jazz on "Blue Lotus," with Jai Bing Chen playing the Chinese violin called the erhu. "Gipsy Trail" starts as a long raga alap, or introduction, with Kavita Krishnamurti's serene vocal melody, then launches into a slow-burn, Indian-Flamenco dervish section featuring guitarist Jorge Strunz of Strunz & Farah. Global Fusion should reestablish Subramaniam as a compelling improviser. –John Diliberto


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