Lukather, Steve & El Grupo - El Grupo live (MP3@200VBR)

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Lukather, Steve & El Grupo - El Grupo live (MP3@200VBR)

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El Grupo live is a limited-edition cd with the best moments from the El Grupo shows in Krefeld (Germany) and the Baked Potato in Los Angeles (USA), during the Steve Lukather & El Grupo's summer tour 2005. The album is mixed by Lukather, Cartaya and Bob Bradshaw at Bradshaw's North-Hollywood studio. The CD will exclusively be available for purchase at the Steve Lukather & El Grupo shows in November 2005. There are currently no plans for this album to be issued on general release, either online or in record stores. The album will be sold on a first come-first served basis at the venues before and after shows.

1 Dismemberment (Lenny Castro, David Garfield)
2 I'm buzzed (Michael Landau)
3 Birdland (Joe Zawinul)
4 Little wing (Jimi Hendrix)
5 Led boots (Max Middleton)

Song 1 & 2 recorded live July 8th 2005 Krefeld Germany by B&R Medientechnik for WDR2. Song 3,4 & 5 recorded live August 5 & 6 at The Baked Potato Los Angeles CA, by Robert Bradshaw.

Produced by Oskar Cartaya, executive producer Steve Lukather. Mixed by Robert Bradshaw.

Steve Lukather - guitar, vocals
Steve Weingart - keyboards
Oskar Cartaya - bass
Joey Heredia - drums & percussion