Madonna - The Otherside of Madonna

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Madonna - The Otherside of Madonna

Madonna - The Otherside of Madonna
3 CD | 192 Kbps | Covers | Genre: Dance

This is a mix of rare tracks and remixes of 2006 (compilation by DJ Logan)

CD1 116 MB

01 Erotica (Guyom's All Over Mix)
02 Secret (Junior Vasquez Sound Factory Mix)
03 Love Don't Live Here Anymore (Junior Vs. Madonna Direct Hit Mix)
04 I Want You (Skin Bruno Hip hop Mix)
05 Buenos Aires ( Doo Mee Do Mix)
06 Frozen ( Melting Ice Mix)
07 Ray Of Light (Victor Calderone Club Mix Radio Edit)
08 Candy Perfume Girl (Mellow Mix)
09 Mer Girl (Future Dub Mix)
10 Shanti Ashtangi (Electric Mantra Mix)
11 The Power Of Good (2 Step Remix)
12 Sky Fits Heaven (Calderone Future Mix)
13 Madonna - Skin (Transformer Mix)




CD2 77 MB

01 Has To Be
02 Hollywood (Elijah's ''everybody Is A Star'' Club Mix)
03 Nobody Knows Me (Dream Girl Mix)
04 X Static Process (Live)
05 Easy Ride (Dream For The Reality Mix)
06 Your Honesty (Jason Nevins Remix)
07 Like A Flower (Dalyx Frequence Restoration Mix)
08 Into The Hollywood Groove (John Flax Remix Edit)
09 Gone Gone Gone ( Briann's Bound To Happen Mix)
10 Erotica & Everybody (Mike Danavan's Tweakin On Speed Dub)
11 Revenge (Radio Mix)


CD3 108 MB

01 Paradise (Not For Me) (Donny's Wild Child Mix)
02 Impressive Instant (Peter Rauhofer Radio Mix)
03 Mother & Father (Donny's Wild Child Mix)
04 Intervention (Samuel Slow Lounge Mix)
05 Hollywood (Club Dance Mix)
06 Words Of The Prophecy (New Edit)
07 Frozen 2005 (Dj Maurício Floresta Tribal Remix 2005)
08 Secret 2005 (Ralphi Rosario Mix)
09 Easy Rider (Tracy Young & Giangi Cappais Easy Remix)
10 Hung Up (Chus Ceballos Remix)
11 Sorry (Tribal Mix)
12 Ray Of Light (Avox 2006 Electric Remix)