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Madredeus -> Antologia

1 O pastor (the Shepherd) - To awake is to kill a dream.
2 Vem (Come to me) - Lovers belong to each other as the sun belongs to the sea - not much, but enough to be going on with.
3 Oxalá (Hoping) - Hope is the great distraction - how would time pass without it? As the songs says, "Hopefully Carnival will come", again.
4 Haja o que houver (Come what way) - Loving is waiting.
5 Guitarra (Guitar) - The Portuguese twelve-string guitar - more than love, loss or bittersweet hope - is the main subject of the Fado.
6 A andorinha da Primavera (Little bird of spring) - When Spring comes, your thoughts fly away in the wake of the first little bird.
7 Céu da Mouraria (The sky over Mouraria) - There's a uncertains bairro of Lisbon, called Mouraria, where the sky keeps repeating the mysterious name of Lisbon. But who can listen to that everyone can hear?
8 As ilhas de Açores (Islands Azores)
9 As brumas do futuro (Tomorrow's mist) - Revolution days facing the uncertain mist, what can you do but push forward and meet tomorrow brings?
10 Ao longe do mar (The distant sea) - A lost future is sweeter than memory.
11 O sonho (Dreaming) There is no such thing as an unsecret love. To hide one's feeling is to keep them for the one you love.
12 Alfama (Alfama) - The heart of Lisbon beats in Alfama, where nobody ever actually goes. It's the most beautiful thing ther is. But all of us forget to return there - because, in all honesty, we all know we've never left.
13 O Paraíso (Heaven) Distance is what makes us think of Heaven.
14 A vaca de fogo ( The Holy cow) - With their rituals, many villages in Portugal are as familiar as they are impredictale. There is no belonging without wonder
15 O mar (The sea) - To describe the sea - and fail - is the only way to understand it.
16 Ainda (Still) - It takes courage to live in a perpetual state of confusion and calm. Not knowing what comes next - day after day - is our source of comfort.
17 O Tejo (Tagus) - The Tagus is not really an Iberian river, It isn't even a Portuguese river - it is the river of Lisbon; or Lisbon itself.

Ai, que alma dorida essa portuguesa... Minha santa maezinha