March Of The Penguins - Score

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March Of The Penguins - Score

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March of the Penguins - Original English Score By Alex Wurman

"The chance to be a voice for such beautiful and dynamic characters rarely comes to a film composer. Also,
the lack of verbal presence from the lead role was liberating. Maybe i'll request turning off some of the
dialog track in my next film…

Actually, this project was unusual for many reasons. The team of collaborators, while working quickly and in
the relative darkness, had to be very forgiving of one another. For instance, Jordan Roberts (writer), Scott
Jennings (sound design) and i were all doing our parts at the same time in different locations. When we met,
it was hurry up and make space for each other. After many enjoyable moments of discovery along the way,
the result is an artistic achivement of which we are very proud.

My sincere thanks and appreciation go out to Luc Jacquet and his collaborators. Through his artistry and
perseverance, he has created characters as vivid and identifiable as any film.

The images on the screen provided all the inspiration one could want. They challanged me again and again
to match their beauty and emotional range. Who knows how the penguins actually find whatever it takes to
carry on through such difficult circumstances? From them i learned that courage does not need to be
understood, only found.

I am very fortunate to have worked with a talented, caring and thorough team of people to create this music.
without their help, it would have been impossible. Thank you for all the great work!"

–Alex Wurman–

This is the original english score and it is completly different to the German or the French version. It is really beautiful and please listen to it.


01. The Harshest Place On Earth
02. Walk Alone
03. The March
04. Found Love
05. The Egg Arrives
06. The Mothers' Second Journey
07. Arrival At The Sea
08. Walk Through Darkness
09. First Step
10. The Dangers Remain
11. Reunited
12. Going Home For The First Time

Produced By Alex Wurman
P' 2005



Enjoy it!