Marcus Miller - Live & More

Posted By: Relaxsax
Marcus Miller - Live & More

Marcus Miller - Live & More

Jazz | MP3 320 Kbps | 96 + 57 Mb | RS

01. Intro
02. Panther
03. Tutu
04. Funny
05. Strange Fruit
06. Summertime
07. Maputo
08. People Make The World Go 'Round
09. Sophie
10. Jazz In The House

Until I heard Tales, this was my favourite Miller album. For somebody who started playing bass after hearing Marcus, I consider this album quite important. Admittedly the recording quality is generally poor, but the music really has form. After seeing MM live a few weeks ago I can say that this really is a good example of him live, (altho the audience when I saw him was much more enthusiastic than the ones on this CD!).
For me the highlights of this album are a stunning 10 minute live rendition of 'Tutu', which MM origonally wrote for miles in '86, and 'Funny'. Marcus' Bass Clarinet work on tracks such as 'Maputo' is flawless and shows what a highly versatile multi-instrumentalist he is.
The session musicians are excellent all-round and Hiram Bullock's wailing guitar solos really add a vibrant contrast to marcus' bass. Patches manages to get the Miles feel across well in tracks like 'Tutu' whilst incorporating his own highly articulate style. Poogie's drumming is also flawless, if a little unimaginative at times.
To be honest, the two bonus studio tracks aren't really worth listening to, and are reminisent of some of the highly over-produced material like some of the tracks on 'The Sun Dont Lie'.
If you are Marcus Miller fan, with out a doubt - buy it. And if you are new to MM, you should buy it just because it is a brilliant example of Jazz, Funk, and Fusion. NN