Marek Bilinski Wolne Loty

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Marek Bilinski Wolne Loty

MPEG-1 Layer 3 | 128 kbps 44100 Hz | 24 BITS MASTERING, EDITION 2000

Marek Bilinski is one of the most famous Polish composers and multi - instrumentalists, using the newest, electronic keyboard instruments. He is an alumni of the Academy of Music in Poznan (Music College in Poznan).
He acquired his popularity on the music market thanks to his bestseller album "The Garden of the King of Dawn" and video clip "Escape from Tropics", which were accepted by TV audience as the best clip of 1984. In those times he had already procured his succeeding “Golden Disc" and many concerts in Poland and abroad (he gave performances inter alias in Berlin, Hamburg, Bremen, Prague, Moscow and Kuwait). Moreover, he was awarded the first prize for the most popular multi-instrumentalist for five consecutive years (1981 - 1985).

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1. Kosmiczne opowiadania / Cosmic tales 4.49
2. Gorące lato / Hot summer 3.46
3. Bulwary nad rzeką wspomnień / Boulwards on the river of recollections 5.40
4. Caliope for ever 5.13
5. Wolne loty - stare dobre czasy / Open Flights -Good Old Times 3.33
6. Gwiezdne Oranżerie / Star Orangeries 4.56
7. Szukając cienia / Looking for the shadow 6.08
8. Błogosław rojne miasta / Bless the busy cities 2.41