Veronica Martell - The Art Of Intimacy 2005

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Veronica Martell - The Art Of Intimacy 2005

Veronica Martell -  The Art Of Intimacy 2005

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With her boldest offering to date, the multi-talented Veronica Martell shows a very different side of her musical personality. THE ART OF INTIMACY, her label debut for Apria Records features her take on one of love's greatest emotions – intimacy.

Her constantly evolving, imaginative storytelling on such songs as "Dreams," "Love Don’t Pay The Bills" and "Why Do People Fall In Love?" evokes the essential theme and beautifully expresses her overall philosophy of intimacy. I'll be Home for the holidays if only in my dreams. An artist the All Music Guide describes as "a remarkable vocal talent… with an exquisite four octave range" the Art of Intimacy is setting the stage to make Veronica Martell a household name.

Musicians: Veronica Martell (vocals); Kenny Rampton (trumpet); Bob Shepard (tenor & soprano saxophone); David Mann (saxophones); Gary Valente, Bob Magnusson, Bob Hanlon (horns); Ted Brancato, Allen Farnham, Matt King (piano); Tony Viscardo, Herman Romero, Romero Lubambo (guitar); Cliff Schmitt, Jeff Carney, Nilson Matta (bass); Buddy Williams, Tim Horner (drums); Emedin Rivera, Frank Valdes, Eduardo DaFonseca (percussion); Joyce Hammann, Laura Seaton, Carol Pool, Richard Locker (strings)

01. Dreams
02. Without, Within
03. Blind
04. Better With Time
05. Sometimes I Wonder Why
06. Love Don't Pay the Bills
07. So Different Now
08. Eleven Seventeen
09. Wayfaring Stranger
10. Why Do People Fall in Love

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