Frente!: Marvin the Album (1992)

Posted By: addheat
Frente!: Marvin the Album (1992)

When the world was briefly abuzz because of the cover that Frente did of New Order's Bizarre Love Triangle, I found myself going out and picking up the album. I've always like New Order anyhow and I've always liked that song, and I actually liked what Frente did with it. The way it was slowed down and striped to its basics, allowing the lyrics to shine as a love song, did it more than justice. What people forgot to mention to me was that Frente had other songs on the album that were really good works and that the album itself could perhaps become one of the most addictive products I ever put into my discman. So, unaware, I found myself taking on something I still haven't put down.

1. Girl
2. Labour of Love
3. Ordinary Angels
4. Lonely
5. Most Beautiful
6. Cuscutlan
7. Pretty Friend
8. No Time
9. Reflect
10. Explode
11. Accidently Kelly Street
12. See/Believe
13. Dangerous
14. Bizarre Love Triangle

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