Matching Mole: Selftitled

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Matching Mole - Matching Mole
Release Date: 1972
Tracks: 8
Produced by: ??
Format: MP3, CBR320
Genre: Canterbury Scene

Matching Mole consisted of Canterbury luminaries Robert Wyatt (Soft Machine), Dave Sinclair (Caravan), Phil Miller (Hatfield and the North, National Health), and Bill McCormick. Their self-titled first is an excellent album featuring spacey improvisation and extended jamming, except for the first couple of tracks. These are dominated by Robert Wyatt's vocals and are somewhat melancholy and jazzy in nature. In a few places, some trademark Sinclair keyboards shine through, or a Phil Miller guitar lick will be evident, but overall this album represents a unique blend of ideas. Probably not the best place to start exploring the Canterbury scene, but their first album is a must-hear for the Canterbury fan.
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