Maurice Jarre - Lawrence of Arabia (1989 re-recording)

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Maurice Jarre - Lawrence of Arabia (1989 re-recording)

Lawrence of Arabia (1989 re-recording)
MP3 160 Kbps | 1962/1989 | Label: Silva Screen | 51:13 min | 58 MB
Genre: Soundtrack

Like the theme from Star Wars brings to mind outerspace adventure, the murder motif from Psycho brings to mind blondes in showers being hacked to pieces, the theme from Lawrence of Arabia sums up everything one imagines about deserts in one musical theme; vast, mysterious, dramatic. The film started the hugely successful joint careers of composer Maurice Jarre and director David Lean and while they didn't quite achieve the same success with their later efforts as they did with Lawrence, the results were always notable. This re-recording contains all the most important sections of the original score and expands on the release of the original, as well as providing better sound and production values.

1. Overture
2. Main Titles
3. First Entrance To The Desert/Night And Star/Lawrence And Tafas
4. The Miracle
5. That Is The Desert
6. Nefud Mirage/The Sun's Anvil
7. The Rescue Of Gasim/Bringing Gasim Into Camp
8. Arrival At Auda's Camp
9. On To Akaba/The Beach At Night
10. Sinai Desert
11. The Voice Of The Guns (Composed by Kenneth J. Alford, arranged by M. Jarre)
12. Horse Stampede/Ali Rescues Lawrence/Lawrence And His Bodyguard
13. The End/Playoff Music

Lawrence of Arabia (1989 re-recording)