Mesa Music Consort - Spirit Feathers (1994)

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Mesa Music Consort: Ensemble, Main Performer
Mesa Music Consort is:
Eric Casillas: Percussion, Whistle (Instrument), Chant, Bird Whistle, Wind Whistle & Bear Growls
Joe Trevino: Percussion & Sound Engineerig
Ben Tavera King: Flutes, Keyboards & Bird Sounds

The Mesa Music Consort has been in the forefront of the Renaissance of Native-influenced music. It was one of the first groups to add nature sounds to Native American flute music as well as other instruments.

Album Description:
Travel back to the mythical time in Native American lore when birds, animals and people spoke the same language. Native American flutes and percussion mix with bird and nature sounds to create "sonic stories" based on these ancient myths.

Mesa Music Consort - Spirit Feathers (1994)

01. Winged Processional - 05:30

02. Council of the Flocks - 05:28

03. Many Feathers' Chant- 03:50

04. Flight of Beauty - 05:44

05. Feather Clan Gatherings - 05:45

06. Bear's Message - 03:12

07. Gossiping Sparrows - 03:29

08. Bird & Man's Council - 04:22

09. Dove's Dance - 03:49

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