Esoteric: meditation for violin (n.a.)

Posted By: Linda Lando
Esoteric: meditation for violin (n.a.)

Esoteric: meditation for violin (n.a.)
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The Greek word "Melos", or melody, is used to designate the distance of intervals to determine the tonal value of music. The size of the respective intervals - the distance between the consecutive tones of a melody-explains the inner objective of tonal distance. The sound of the violin adapts itself perfectly to instill in the listener all kinds of emotions including all degrees of suspense, peacefulness or exicitement.

1. Depth-sound of the sea
2. Mightiness-sonorous figure
3. Innocence-tone poem
4. Meditativeness-sound patterns
5. Greatness-tone picture
6. Struggle for life-soundshifts

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