Michael Kamen - Licence To Kill OST

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Michael Kamen - Licence To Kill OST

Michael Kamen - Licence To Kill OST
MP3 160 Kbps | 1989 | Label: MCA Records | 45:37 min | 53 MB
Genre: Soundtrack

Michael Kamen's 007 score doesn't exactly follow John Barry's traditional writing - rather the opposite. It's more in the heavy orchestral style heard in the Lethal Weapon and the Die Hard scores. The engine in this energetic and explosive show is the "James Bond Theme" and Kamen's arrangement, which also includes vast percussion and electric guitars, represents one of the best interpretations of it.

1. Licence To Kill (Performed by Gladys Knight)
2. Wedding Party (Performed by Ivory)
3. Dirty Love (Performed by Tim Feehan)
4. Pam
5. If You Asked Me To (Performed by Patti LaBelle)
6. James And Felix On Their Way To Church
7. His Funny Valentine
8. Sanchez Is In The Bahamas/Shark Fishing
9. Ninja
10. Licence Revoked

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