Michael Learns To Rock - 19 Love Ballads (2002)

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Michael Learns To Rock - 19 Love Ballads (2002)
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Here's my contribution towards a Valentine Special at avaxhome. All 19 songs are easy to listen to.

Michael Learns to Rock is one of the most popular Danish bands, in their homeland as well as the ever-eclectic Asian rim. The group was formed around a tiny bar band fronted by vocalist Jascha Richter and his sister, plus guitarist Mikkel Lentz and drummer Kare Wanscher. By 1988, Richter's sister had left and bassist Soren Madsen completed the lineup. Michael Learns to Rock released their self-titled debut album in 1991, and earned a release in America through Impact Records. Cleveland Int'l provided distribution for 1993's Colours, 1995's Played on Pepper, and 2002's Blue Night. Though the band remained relatively unknown in the Western Hemisphere, Asian audiences continued to make them one of the most popular artists in the region.

This is one of the best albums ever. It is strange that US has not embraced MLTR songs when they can listen to other boy bands. The group has been around for about 15 years now and with multiplatinum hits all across Europe and particularly famous in the east. This album definitely is for all ages. Songs you can listen to in front of your kids and not be embarassed. America is surely missing out on the best..!!! If you are the one for soft/slow rock, this is the one CD that should not be missing from your collection. - Srinivas Katta

Track List:

01 - The Ghost Of You
02 - The Actor
03 - Sleeping Child
04 - Complicated Heart
05 - 25 Minutes
06 - Out Of The Blue
07 - I Wanna Dance
08 - That's Why You Go Away
09 - Love Will Never Lie
10 - How Many Hours
11 - I'm Gonna Be Around
12 - Nothing To Lose
13 - Paint My Love
14 - Breaking My Heart
15 - Strange Foreign Beauty
16 - You Took My Heart Away
17 - Blue Night
18 - More Than A Friend
19 - Forever And A Day
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Well, even if you are alone come Valentine's Day you still can enjoy this:-)