Michel Portal – Minneapolis - 2001

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Michel Portal – Minneapolis - 2001

Michel Portal – Minneapolis - 2001
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Born in 1935 in Bayonne, France, reedman Michel Portal has the unique position of being one of the architects of modern European jazz and having a hand in some of the most significant shifts in modern classical music. Portal, along with pianist Francois Tusques, trumpeter Bernard Vitet, drummer Charles Saudrais and tenorman Barney Wilen, embraced and expanded upon the innovations of Ornette, Cecil, Coltrane and Shepp as part of the nascent French free jazz movement. In addition to leading and co-leading groups with Leon Francioli, Pierre Favre, Joachim Kuhn and Barre Phillips throughout the '70s, Portal was a central figure in post-Cageian open-form classical music. With trombonist-composer Vinko Globokar, pianist-composer Carlos Roque Alsina and percussionist Jean-Pierre Drouet, Portal and New Phonic Art worked with Stockhausen, Maruicio Kagel and Luciano Berio among others - figuring importantly in Stockhausen's From the Seven Days compositional cycle.

Michel Portal : bass clarinet, soprano saxophone,
alto saxophone, bandoneon
Vernon Reid : electric guitar
Tony Hymas : keyboards, piano
Sonny Thompson : electric bass, rap
Michael Bland : drums

TRACKS (total time 72:23) :

1. Domimonk (1:23) [Michel Portal]
2. M.P.On The Run (3:47) [Thompson, Bland, Hymas, Reid, Portal]
3. Sky Tinted Water (4:23) [Portal, Hymas, Thompson, Bland]
4. Matourmatourmatourmalet (7:15) [Tony Hymas]
5. Good Bye Pork Pie Hat (7:15) [Charles Mingus]
6. On Nicollet Avenue (4:43) [Michel Portal]
7. The Squirrel And The Loons (4:18) [Portal, Hymas, Thompson, Bland]
8. The Talking Bag (Twins In The City) (2:27) [Portal, Hymas, Thompson, Bland]
9. Judy Garland (6:53) [Michel Portal]
10. Solitudes (8:27) [Michel Portal]
11. The Dred Scott Marker (7:18) [Portal, Reid, Hymas, Thompson, Bland]
12. Shopping For Black Shirts (4:09) [Michel Portal]
13. Au Black Dog (4:37) [Michel Portal]
14. Cinco De La Tarde (7:22) [Michel Portal, Bruno Fontaine]